Conveyor belt splicing

Conveyor belt splicing can be made in three ways:

–          First type is the classic vulcanization, called:”hot vulcanization” which is made with a vulcanizing press at a temperature of 145-155 °C.

–          The second vulcanization type is the “warm vulcanizing”. This type of vulcanizing is realized with special materials, developed by Rema Tip Top, called WK materials. The advantage of this material is that the vulcanizing process is made at 110 °C. This way the necessary time for a splicing is much sorter, the heating and cooling time beeing sorter.

–          The tird way to make a belt splicing, is the newest and the most accesible, the “cold vulcanizing”. With modern materials, developed by Rema Tip Top, the splicing process is possible at an ambiental temperature, without a vulcanizing press, a big amount of money. With a well realized “cold splicing” we can obtain the same result like with a classic hot vulcanizing.

Our teams, at the splicing jobs, are using exclusively Rema Tip Top know-how and materials. The team leaders are specialized at the Stahlgruber Stiftung, which is a special training center founded by Rema Tip Top.

Our teams are ready to work all over the country, in the sorthest time possible.