Pulley lagging

The pulley lagging is essential for a good work of the conveying system. For the pulley lagging we can use the Remaline group of products, which are smooth rubber sheets. This kind of lagging is suitable for anti caking and we can line the tail pulleys, or non drive pulleys. The most used materials for pulley lagging are grouped under the Remagrip name. Remagrip rubber sheets are available in different thickness and hardness, and also different shapes. Every tipe is developed for a certain application, for different pulley sizes. The top of the range is Remagrip CK-X, wich contains ceramic tiles in the rubber sheet. Due to the ceramic tiles the grip is excelent and the lifetime of the lagging is longer. All the materials have a CN layer, with reacts with the bonding systems and makes easier to apply.

Coefficients of friction

Operating conditions Steel Remagrip Remagrip CK-X Ceramic
Dry 0,35-0,40 0,40-0,45 0,75-0,85
Wet 0,10-0,15 0,33-0,38 0,50-0,80
Wet and muddy 0,05-0,10 0,22-0,30 0,45-0,55